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in my senior drama class i had to play gordon ramsay for a film project but we could only film in school so we had to try to find a closed off room to use. the thing is the room wasn’t exactly soundproof and apparently someone heard us and that’s the story of how the vice principal and four freshmen walked in on me wearing a chef’s hat and yelling at my friend because her squid was so raw i could still hear it telling spongebob to fuck off

did you get an A


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I can no longer leave you alone, we’re taking you with us. Just to be clear, I won’t allow you to attack the next time. I will become as strong as my sister. I will protect you.  

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“If we all give up and discard those words and feelings, Neji’s final act will have been for nothing. And that is when…your comrades truly die! For you are then no longer comrades. That’s…how I feel. So, stand with me, Naruto. Because never going back on one’s word…is my Ninja way too!”

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Even when you kept betraying and hurting Yato, 
he kept on enduring it.

I did my best to try and be

a mirror of society

But we both know the mirror’s cracked

And everybody’s in the act

Faking what they cannot feel    

Hoping they can make it real     

Reality is killing me


きみがポラリス | コスモス 
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Fairy Tail (2014) Episode 16 | Nalu + Tears


"That's what death is, don't you think?..."
Uchiha Itachi | Happy Birthday Ishit
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gif request - for anonymous
↳ Mikasa killing titans

"He saved me when I was a slave. 
It wasn't just anyone. It was him." - Morgiana
"Eren, if you're here, I can do anything." - Mikasa 
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